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On your big day you want your waiters to be experienced, friendly and charming. At Metro we can help you with that.


Since 2009 we have helped precisely 728 couples just like you!*


You can get experienced waiting staff & bartenders from us. If you want we can also provide management and run your big day for you. 

Whenever and wherever your wedding is taking place you can hire great staff from us.

*figure up to Jan 2020

Hire great Waiting Staff for your Wedding

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As each wedding is unique and brides have different expectations we now offer three levels of wedding waiters:


We will be happy to explain to you in detail what the difference is between these and what the costs involved are.


What you may not be aware of is that we will also be happy to help you plan the service for your big day or give you advice on how to make it a smooth one. We can help you plan timings, give advice on the numbers of staff required and more – whatever help you need we are here.




Staff Across London

& Home Counties

Nearly 1,000 Experienced Staff

Last Minute Bookings


Want a hassle free wedding? No problem, just book one of our experienced Event Managers. Our Wedding Managers can take care of all the details and make sure your event is running smoothly. And yes, you can meet them beforehand to make sure you click and you trust them to deliver your big day!


If you prefer to entrust your best man (or a member of your family) to run your reception that is ok with us as well and we even prepared a free comprehensive guide to help them.

All the staff you have been providing us with so far were always a great addition to our team – well trained, smart and always smiley.

Lodge Catering


We can also give you peace of mind and double check what professional events people think of any suppliers you have chosen. If you are not 100% sure on your florist, caterer or equipment company we can advise you on these to make sure you only work with the best!


We would love to advise, quote or provide you with more details. Please contact us.


Also please find below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions if you want to know a bit more.

Answers to questions you may find helpful.

What uniform do your staff have?

All staff come in the uniform of your choice. They all have smart black trousers, smart black leather shoes, black socks, smart white or black shirt (your choice) and you can also add a black tie and waistcoat – there is no cost for either of these uniforms. Butlers wear a formal black jacket, waistcoat & tie, white shirt and morning trousers (or black trousers if you prefer)


How many staff do I need for my wedding?

It is very hard to answer this one as it all comes down to the type of service you want. Standard practice is to have a ratio of 1 waiter to 10 guests for a sit down dinner and 1 waiter to 20 guests for a canape reception. On top of these numbers you can add bartenders, cloakroom staff and managers if required. For more detailed advice please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.


What do I need to provide for waiters working for me?

By law you need to provide them with drinking waiter and a 20 minute break if the shift is for 6 hours or more (please note by law the break cannot be taken at the beginning or at the end of the shift). If a shift is shorter than 6 hours no break is required, however it will be greatly appreciated by the staff if they have one!


Do I need to feed waiting staff?

No you do not, however food is greatly appreciated by the staff and staff will work extra hard if they know you look after them. You do not need to provide them with the same food as your guests – a sandwich from the local supermarket and some crisps will do! And if you can give them some Coke they will love you!


Do I need to tip the staff?

That is totally up to you – we do not encourage nor discourage it – if you think the staff really went the extra mile to make your wedding special you can reward them for it but it is at your discretion and staff do not expect any tips (but will be positively delighted if you give it to them!).


My event finishes after 11:30pm – will you charge me more?

No, we only charge you for the time people work and we have a flat hourly rate regardless of the time of day. However, we do want to make sure all staff get home safely and depending on timings & location of your event we may ask you to provide a cab for staff back to Trafalgar Square (as it is the best point where everyone can take a night bus regardless of where they live). With the night tube running on Fridays and Saturdays there may not be any additional traveling costs at all.


Do you cover weddings outside Central London?

Indeed we do! We work all over London and we also cover the Home Counties. The charges are the same regardless of where your wedding is. However, if your wedding is outside London Zones 1-3 you will be asked to cover the return travel fare (via public transport) to Central London and you will be charged for one way travel time for the staff – we are not making money on this, it is just to make sure we have experienced waiting staff willing to work for you.

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