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staff with the right skills are key to an events success.

Short notice bookings

Highly trained staff

Impeccable appearance standards

Over 800 staff on our books

At Metro, we understand how important skills are to host a successful event. Our staff go through specialist in-house training regardless of their experience, covering:
 - Bar Set Up
 - Three Course Dinners set up
 - How to clear a minimum of five plates
 - Drinks & Canapés Reception
 - Event Role plays
From our training, we make sure all members of our team can box a table, set up a bar, ice down the drinks, prepare trays, clear a minimum of 5 plates and are able to do snake service.
We also customise our training to the individual needs of our clients so that, for example, people we send to you know how to set YOUR very own bar. It makes a huge difference to your event! That is what makes us stand out from other agencies out there.
Why not give us a call on 020 7237 5516 to find out more.
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