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I bet your managers put a lot of pressure on you to find experienced waiting staff to work in your hotel. You need to find waiting staff who are not only happy to serve food but also polish cutlery and carry furniture. And on top of that you have a strict budget you need to adhere to...


Your job is not easy, but we can definitely help you!


Since 2009 we have been helping numerous 5* hotels including The Dorchester, Grange and Marriott hotels. With this experience under our belt we know what type of staff you are looking for

Are you looking for experienced Hotel Staff?


You need staff who are presentable. Waiters who arrive on time and are happy to get on with the work. Staff who have some experience in hospitality rather than gormless people you will need to train on the most basic skills.


To get you the type of staff you need we provide training for all members of staff. It teaches them the basics of how to set-up, serve, clear, deal with customers etc. Now the half day training doesn’t turn them into butlers but gives them enough knowledge to know what to do.


In order to make sure you get banqueting staff you are happy with we shall create a core team of staff dedicated to your hotel. We will do so based on your feedback – let us know whom you like after each event and we will add them to your favourites. Once you place another order with us we contact your favourites first. Only if they can’t work do we open your event to other staff.taff.

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Staff Across London

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Over 425 Hotel Staff on Our Books

Last Minute Bookings

Uniform & No-Shows

In order to keep the uniform standards high we provide our waiting staff with a detailed photo booklet telling them exactly what our clients expect them to look like. Furthermore our hotel partners can provide us with a staff booklet they give out to their own staff. We can then share this booklet with our staff before EVERY event – they then have no excuse to let you down!


We also know how painful no-shows are and we crack down on them harshly. We cannot guarantee that all event staff will always turn up as you and I know it would be an empty promise. But what we can guarantee is that we won’t employ anyone who failes to show up – period.

All the staff you have been providing us with so far were always a great addition to our team – well trained, smart and always smiley.

Lodge Catering


We know at hotels your staff requirements often change. We also know sometimes your own staff let you down. We are here for you! Just contact us and we will do all we can to find you staff with a few hours to spare. We do it for our clients every day and on average we manage to help out 80% of the time!


By working with us you get a helpful partner on your side! Even if you forget about the booking or a staffing update we will help. We have rescued our clients numerous times and provided staff for events they forgot about with hours to spare! It is what we do for you- we shall always have your back! Do not take our word for it- we are happy to provide you with contact details of our clients who love us for this service!


If you would like to discuss your requirements or get our rate card please contact us. For your convenience we created a list of Frequently asked Questions which you can find below.

Answers to questions you may find helpful.

What are your rates?

We can’t put them online for obvious reasons but they are competitive – to discuss them please get in touch and we will be happy to provide them for you


Can your staff speak good English?

Yes – we meet all our staff face to face. If we cannot understand them neither would our clients so we only employ those people that we can have a chat with!


Where do you recruit your staff from?

We used to advertise a lot on all websites: Gumtree,, job boards of all universities in London etc. but in the last few years we noticed a steep decline in the number of quality applications. Since then we entrusted Metro Staff to introduce their friends to work for us – and it works wonders! We reward our staff with £20 for each friend they bring and it is the main source of staff we get- around 70% come to us this way, with the other 30% just finding us online.

Do you train your staff?

Yes we do. We do it the old fashioned way; we invite them for half a day training at our office and do it in person – not online or via an app. We want to make sure they understand all points and are able to do everything we teach them about. For more info about our training please click here.


How does your booking system work?

Easily- you can call, text or email – whatever works for you. We will confirm back in writing every single booking you make with us. The day before we shall send you a photo time sheet so you know who is coming. But no need to scan the time sheet – you can just drop us an email to inform us about times or you can log in to our clients portal and sign off all jobs online.

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