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Finding a reliable hospitality agency in London is not easy. Many hospitality and catering recruitment agencies assure you they are ‘leading’ or ‘the best’. At Metro we do not make such claims. We are, however, trusted by well know companies in the industry: Cellar Society, Mustard Catering, Urban Caprice, Admirable Crichton and The Landmark Hotel are just a few of our great clients.


If you would like to work with a reliable hospitality agency you definitely found the right one! Our agency has been running since 2009 and we had a pleasure working at such great events as The London Fashion Week, Diamond Jubilee, Rugby World Cup and our best event so far… London Olympics! 

We provide all levels of staff front and back of house so we are the only hospitality agency you will need for any of your events.

Hospitality Agency London



Metro Hospitality is a great all-round agency able to supply for public events up to black tie dinners!

— Troxy

Why Hospitality Recruitment Agencies?
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Using hospitality and catering recruitment agencies is ideal for you if your business has inconsistent demand for staff. One day you have no shift available at all and on another you need 50 waiters to work at an event. Recruiting your own staff can be tricky in such cases as you will spend time and money training people who may not stick around if your business goes through a longer quiet period. With a hospitality agency such worries are gone.


Once you have a reliable team of staff from us you can be assured that even if your business goes through a quiet period we can keep all your favourites busy elsewhere. Once you have events again all your favourite staff will be happy to work with you again!


We would be delighted to discuss your requirements in detail so please get in touch and discover what we can offer you.

Answers to questions you may find helpful.

How to choose a good hospitality agency in London?

This is a very good question. There are lots of hospitality and catering recruitment agencies and most have a flashy website. Most hospitality and catering have some testimonials so checking those may not be too helpful as they only put kind words online. What you can check instead is how many years have they been trading under the same name. Many staffing agencies go under and start from scratch yet still claim they have been operating for years. Check out Companies House Website and see how much truth is there in their claims.


Metro Hospitality been running events since 2009 and up till February 2017 we have worked on over 18,776 events. We have worked on events big and small and you can see the list of our clients here – if the above doesn’t convince you to give us a try I am not sure what would…


How to book your temp hospitality staff?

Just get in touch with us however you like- by email, phone or online form. You can even post us your order – whatever works for you!


What do you need from me?

All we need is the date of your event and your requirements. As mentioned earlier we can advise you on timings, order of service and numbers of staff required.


How quickly can your staff agency provide me with a quote?

We should be able to give you a ball park figure over the phone instantly but if you prefer to get a formal quote it will take no longer than 24 hours.


Will I be able to see the pictures of the staff beforehand?

Yes we can arrange it for you. Should you decide to book Model Waiters we will actually send you a portfolio of available staff a week before your party and you will be able to pick exactly the people you want.


What are the fees event staffing agencies charge?

We only charge you a flat hourly rate for each member of staff. This rate includes all wages & fees and there are no other charges on top (as long as your event is within London Zones 1-3). If your event is further afield you will be charged one way travel time and return travel fare (by public transport) from Central London to your venue. We will be happy to provide you with the exact cost once you request a quote. -


What uniform do your event staff wear?

All staff come in the uniform of your choice. They all have smart black trousers, smart black leather shoes, black socks, smart white or black shirt (your choice) and you can also add a black tie and waistcoat. Butlers wear a formal black jacket, waistcoat & tie, white shirt and morning trousers (or black trousers if you prefer)


How many event staff do I need for my event?

It is very hard to answer this one as it all comes down to the type of service you want. Standard practice is to have a ratio of 1 waiter to 10 guests for a sit down dinner and 1 waiter to 20 guests for a canapé reception. On top of these numbers you can add bartenders, cloakroom staff and managers if required. For more detailed advice please contact out staffing agency London and we will be happy to give it to you.

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