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Outgoing leafleting


Experienced leafleting staff. Metro leaflets will stand out from a crowd and get your materials into peoples hands.

Our leafleting staff are energetic, always smiling and remain cheerful even in the pouring rain. They make sure people do not just pass them by but instead they proactively hand out your literature and promote your brand.


Leaflet distribution is one of the most cost effective and popular promotional activities and at Metro we have distributed millions of leaflets, coupons, vouchers and newsletters.


Most of our brand ambassadors work as flyering staff from time to time so you can be assured our people will make sure not only to hand your leaflets out but also do it in a friendly and engaging way – the only way to get your audience interested and prevent your leaflet going straight to bin.

UK wide coverage

Speedy portfolio delivery

Nearly 1,000 staff on our books


At Metro we can advise you on key locations and timings to ensure you reach the largest relevant target audience. Along with this, we can also advise on whether permits will or will not be required for the chosen locations and we can even get those permits on your behalf.

Other additional services we offer include leaflet design, printing and storing – we can be you one stop shop for any leafleting campaign. Whatever your needs are our friendly and professional team are here to help; give us a call on 020 7237 5516.

Additional Services
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