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We know it is a challenge to get quality staff nowadays.  Staff you can rely on to turn up, and staff who look like they actually want to be there. Not to mention staff who know what to do…

At Metro we understand your staffing problems and we are here to help!


Since 2009 we have been supplying experienced waiting staff to companies including  Mustard Catering, Cellar Society, Compass Group, Urban Caprice and Admirable Crichton among countless others so we know what you are looking for!



Firstly we can provide you with any type of staff you may need for your event. Whether its front or back of house. We are your one stop shop for any staffing needs.


We are not an app though – we are a brick and mortar business and that is why we do meet all staff before we employ them(you can read about our recruitment process here).



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Staff Across London

& Home Counties

Nearly 1,000 Experienced Staff

Last Minute Bookings


We also give them full training (and no once again we do not do it online, staff come to our office for that – please read about our training here) – we are a bit old fashioned like that


Now we are not saying you will love every single person we send you. Each client is different and a waiter who fits in perfectly with one caterer may not be a good fit for another- we get that! That is why we create a list of preferred staff for each of our clients and for each booking we contact your favourites first. Consistent staff make your life much easier – we get that!

All the staff you have been providing us with so far were always a great addition to our team – well trained, smart and always smiley.

Lodge Catering


We know how often your requirements change- numbers of guests go up and down like a yo-yo and you have no choice but to adjust the staffing numbers accordingly. We are on your side here – we can amend or change your booking at any time, for free!


We can even help you out should another provider or your own staff let you down at the last minute. Our clients ask us daily to help them out with just a moment to spare and in 80% of the time we are able to find them staff to start ASAP.


If you would like to discuss your requirements please feel free to contact us.


Just in case you need a bit more info we prepared a list of frequently asked questions:

Answers to questions you may find helpful.

Where do you recruit staff from?

We used to advertise a lot on all websites: Gumtree,, job boards of all universities in London etc. but in the last few years we noticed a steep decline in the number of quality applications. Since then we entrusted Metro Staff to introduce their friends to work for us – and it works wonders! We reward our staff with £20 for each friend they bring and it is the main source of staff we get- around 70% come to us this way, with the other 30% just finding us online.


How experienced are your staff?

It varies- some staff are very experienced and work for Metro on the side of their full time job, others go through our in house training. What you can expect from our staff is that they know how to set up & serve a 3-course dinner, how to work at a canapé & drinks reception and have an understanding on allergies and food & hygiene.


Can I add some waiters to my favourite list and get booked first for all my jobs?

Indeed you can! We want to send you staff you love so based on your feedback we will be happy to create a core team of your favourite staff for you. We can text them about your jobs before we ask anyone else to make sure they work for you as often as possible!


How can I book staff?

You can do so by phone or email. Some clients even text us – whatever works for you!



How do time sheets work?


Before each job you will be provided with a photo time sheet. But do not worry; you don’t have to return it back to us. You can just drop us an email stating what hours our waiters worked or you can even sign off a job online via our client portal. We are here to make your job easier, not to add to your paperwork!



Can I reach you out of office hours?


Indeed you can. We are here to help you out and all our clients have our private mobile numbers. We will try our best to find staff for you late at night or at weekends – it is just what we do!


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