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Metro Hospitality can provide promotional girls for any exhibition, conference, or similar even in the UK.


As a leading UK promo girls’ agency, Metro knows how important hospitality can be in attracting the right kind of attention to any trade show stand! 


Our promo girls can help create the professional yet welcoming atmosphere your company needs to make the right impression!

Promo Girls for Hire

UK wide coverage

Over 3,000 staff on our books

Speedy portfolio delivery

Our Promo Girls

Looking for promo girls? Metro employs only the best! 


We only supply skilled, articulate and professional promo girls with experience working in high profile industrial and commercial exhibition environments, and who know how to look after your stand’s visitors. We can also supply multilingual promo girls, or those with specific skillsets, depending on your specific needs.


If you need promo girls to make your convention stand really stand out, call us on 020 7237 5516 today!

'The staff themselves were great – very professional, game for a laugh and perfectly suited to the event!'

Big Cat Group


We can supply experienced, and very personable promo staff, many of whom are university educated, multi-lingual professionals with skills in both outreach and lead generation.


They are experienced, eager, and of the highest possible calibre – exactly what you need to turn any trade show appearance to your advantage!

We can supply promo girls, event staff and other positions to events all across the UK. With more than 3000 carefully vetted personnel on our books, we have just the people you need, often with the industry-specific experience you need to really shine at your next event.


Call us on 0207 237 5516 today to discuss your exact needs, whether that be a single promo girl for a small convention or a full selection of hostesses and other promotional staff with a wide variety of specific skillsets.

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